The Story of Papa Bob's Bodacious Bait Juice

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Papa Bob 4 lb BassSue kissing Bass

HI, my grand daughters call me Papa Bob. That's Sue beside me.

Knowledge without action is only a lot of data, but when you use that knowledge in a constructive way that is when you can change your life. Today I am going to change the way you fish by changing the way you think about fishing. Most of us start out fishing when we are young by throwing a worm on a hook with a bobber and hoping something will bite. Somewhere down the road we learn there is more to fishing than just dumb luck. So we decide to study what successful people do when they catch fish. We read the magazines and watch the TV shows in hopes of gaining their knowledge. Once in a while they tell us what they are doing and we copy what they have shown us. What they usually don't tell us is they why behind what they are doing.

I'm going to tell you the why. Several years ago I was watching a TV show on sharks. The narrator briefly mentioned that a shark can smell a drop of blood from something like two miles away. That got me thinking about the bait juice I had used the day before and could still smell on my hands. It wouldn't wash off. The smell of anise and garlic were so strong that they were in my skin. I had been marinated in fish attractant. I had noticed the day before that some fish would leave an area as my bait came past them. It occurred to me that it wasn't the action of the bait, it was the intense smell of the bait juice. It reminded me of those Sunday's in church where some sweet lady was wearing too much perfume and there were empty seats around her. The strong scent drove people away the same as the fish attractant was driving fish away. That fish attractant was created to attract fisherman. That was the day I decided to develop a fish attractant that actually attracted fish. It took over 10 years to get the right combination and subtle enough ingredients together to work in fresh and salt water, with a wide variety of species and under very adverse conditions.

The end result worked so well that my friends and family told me I should market “this stuff”. My oldest grand daughter finally gave it a name. She has always called me Papa Bob and one day while we were fishing for bass in Florida she said, “Papa Bob this is some really bodacious bass juice”. Since I already new that it worked on other species I started to market it under the name Papa Bob's Bodacious Bait Juice.

The interesting aspect of my bait juice is that fish will actually leave their beds to follow it. Pike will change directions to chase it down. Spotted Sea Trout can find your bait when water viability is only a few inches. This is a real game changer for the average angler and for tournament pros too. Now you don't have to place your bait exactly where the fish are, you only need to be in the general area and let the currents carry the scent to the fish. The fish will follow the scent to your bait and hit it hard.

We have successfully tested Papa Bob's Bodacious Bait Juice on Large and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Oscars, Catfish, Redfish, Black Drum, Spotted Sea Tout, Flounder, Pompano, Whitefish, Sheephead in the Gulf of Mexico, sharks and many other species.

Now you have the knowledge. It is up to you to take advantage and become a more productive angler.


I've been making and using this juice for many years and my fishing buddies have been buggin' me to bring it to market since almost day one. In May 2011 I knew the time was right. I contacted the Michigan State University Product Center. They work with emerging businesses like ours. In the first two weeks we were able to locate sources for materials, packaging and labels. We have already begun distribution to a few stores. More stores are being added daily.

The bottom line is this stuff really works. Just pop the cap, spray your bait, and cast. You will catch more fish. Use any bait from worms, minnows or shrimp to artificial lures. If you are using live bait just spray their tails. Whether you are fishing fresh water, salt water or the river that flows between them, high tide, low tide or no tide ... you will catch more fish.

Bodacious as defined by the Random House Dictionary means thorough, blatant, unmistakable, a blend of bold  and audacious, remarkable or outstanding.  I think you'll agree that the definition fits.

Over the 2011 Memorial weekend we had the opportunity to run yet another field test. This time on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, Mi. We were surrounded by a dozen boats for about 2 1/2 hours. They were catching 3" to 4" blue gills if anything at all. In Florida we called that bait. We put 25 "keepers" in the cooler and threw back another couple dozen. No, I didn't bring along any jars to sell on the water.

Thanks for stopping by.

Papa Bob